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If you would like more information about diamonds, selling a diamond, or the diamond buying process, we have provided additional information in the area below. You can also call us, we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Diamond Selling FAQ

Q: The stone I wish to sell is certified by a lab/jeweler/Gemological Organization. Will that increase the cash offer from Maxwell Philip Estate Buyers?

A: Usually not. If the diamond is an antique, or has a documented history that makes it exceptional in some way, it will naturally increase it's value, and therefore the cash offer. However, for 99% of diamonds in the world, certification does not increase its cash value.
A certification is often written with and insurance-type "replacement value" which is very different from its market value. Market value is affected by market conditions, inventories, and most importantly, the desirability of the diamond.

Q: Should I purchase a Certification for the diamond I am selling before contacting Maxwell Philip Estate Buyers?

A: No. Our diamond buyers are experts and will form their own valuation based on several factors. Certification is primarily for insurance against loss (When the stone would be unavailable).

Q: What are the key elements of a diamond and how do they affect the cash offer?

A: A diamond is graded on four "C"'s: color, cut, carat weight, and clarity. (please see the section diamond info) A diamond's cash value is determined by these and other additional factors. Market conditions, the current desirability of a particular type of stone or cut, inventories and other factors. If your diamond is a particularly desirable cut or color, we will pay you more for it!

Diamond Information

Diamonds are graded based on four main criteria. Diamond selling value will be based on these criteria:

  1. Color
  2. Clarity
  3. Cut
  4. Carat weight


The color of diamonds used in fine jewelry often appears colorless. It does, however, have a slight tint of color. The less color that a diamond has, the more its value increases. There are many gradations of color in a diamond and very rarely are they completely without color. Hence the highest color grade of a diamond is "near colorless." This applies to all diamonds that are considered to be in the normal range, there are special diamonds that have a pronounced color, they are valued differently. If you are selling a diamond with pronounced color, we can explain the valuation of it to you.


Clarity is an assessment of how many defects there are in a particular stone. They can be on the surface, like scratches, or they can be inside the diamond, the result of imperfections present when the diamond was formed over time. Nearly all diamonds have some imperfections, and diamonds that are graded "flawless" (i.e. no imperfections) are extremely rare. Some small


Cut can be evaluated in several ways. There are different types of cuts for diamonds, and they can go in and out of fashion. However, even between two diamonds of a similar type of cut, one can be far more valuable. A well executed cut, which increases light refraction through the crown, will display more "brilliance" than an identical cut, on a different stone, that was poorly executed.

Carat Weight

The fourth element of a diamonds value is the weight of the stone. Weight of diamonds is measured in carats. The bigger the diamond is the more it weighs and therefore is higher carats. Higher carats mean more value for selling such a diamond, but there is a catch: the relationship between carat weight and selling price is not linear. That means that a diamond that is twice the size of a smaller one will be worth more that twice as much. It selling such a large diamond will result in more than a doubling in value because the larger stone is more rare.

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